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The employees of ToDo Bau GmbH from Gisikon, Lucerne are precisely embedded in their work shoes! The individual insoles with their very personal shape guide and stabilize the foot, dampen and support the movement and improve the transmission of power. The TAILORED FITS insole is optimally matched to the daily activity. The neutral, natural bedding of the feet gives more grip, reduces the fatigue of the foot muscles, prevents pressure points cramps, burning feet and blisters.

Why should entrepreneurs invest in a tailor-made insole for work and safety shoes? Domenico Tocci, CEO ToDo Bau GmbH: “The health of our employees is the most important thing for us, we want our employees to live healthily, and there is nothing more important than a healthy back”

With state-of-the-art 3D-Scan measuring technology, Tailored Fits digitally records the individual anatomy of the employee. Fast, safe, contactless. We scan with relieved toe joints, but with tense muscles in the foot and lower leg. This helps people get the most out of the shoe and guarantees optimal static and dynamic guidance and support. The 3D scan was “fast, straightforward, easy and therefore it was very pleasant,” says Domenico Tocci.

Tailored Fits software tailors the construction of the insoles to suit your work shoes and weight. By varying in 3D printing, the softness and flexibility are adjusted individually in all directions.

How is the reaction of the employees of your company on the new digitally custom made insole for everyday use? “The employees are very satisfied, the sole is optimal as a support and you can also use it privately for sports,” says Domenico Tocci.