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Our company has been active since 1993 in the areas of water damage analysis, water damage elimination, building drying, equipment construction, equipment sales consulting. With this many years of experience and our innovative solutions, we achieve the highest quality with a good price-performance ratio. Thanks to our flexible team and 24-hour service, we are always ready for you.

Mr Albisser, how did you find Tailored-Fits AG?

“Patrik Renfer is a longtime friend and knows the philosophy of my company, and he knows that in addition to social events, we are always looking for ways to make our employees’ work easier and, if possible, health-promoting measures Soles presented. “

How did you experience scanning?

“At first I had a few soles for the test, the simplicity of the scan convinced me (with the personal details maybe 15 minutes). After receiving the soles, the product convinced me so much that I had the work sole produced for all employees. An employee of Tailored-Fits AG did the scans locally … “

What is the feedback from the employees? Some have also ordered more soles for the sport, others have had soles made a gift for their partners … ”

Why is your company investing in bespoke insoles for work shoes?

“Our employees are often on their feet the whole day and the custom-made soles lead the foot and relieves it Relief => less fatigue Some employees also give feedback that they have less back problems …

Satisfied employees => better work performance => satisfied customers “