Privacy Policy

  1. General attaches considerable importance to the trust of its customers. Safeguarding customer privacy has absolute priority. Customers’ personal data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and not passed on nor sold to third parties. gathers and utilises personal data solely within the framework of the Swiss data protection law provisions, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA). In addition, the provisions of the general terms and conditions of business also apply (available at: https: //www. tailored-fits. com/agb). The personnel and agents are informed and duty-bound to observe the data protection provisions in accordance with the statutory requirements. endeavours, in close cooperation with the hosting providers, to safeguard the databases as effectively as possible against third-party access, loss, misuse or fraud. Customer data is held in a well-secured computer centre in Switzerland. The responsible data processing body within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act is TAILORED FITS AG, Schulhausstrasse 10, 6048 Horw.
  2. Right of cancellation
    The customer is entitled at any time to revoke the consent given in respect of the future gathering and use of personal data.
  3. Right to information
    The customer is entitled to demand information about the data stored on his person. Every customer is entitled to submit an information request within the meaning of Art. 8 of the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) in respect of the data concerning him. For security reasons, only written information requests accompanied by a certified copy of a certified identity document are accepted.
  4. Right to deletion, barring or correction
    The customer is entitled to demand the deletion, barring or correction of the stored personal data. Should statutory provisions prevent deletion, the data is instead barred so that it is only accessible within the scope of mandatory legal regulations.
  5. Contact point
    In order to exercise the aforementioned rights to revoke, obtain information, delete, bar or correct the data, customers may contact TAILORED FITS AG, Schulhausstrasse 10, 6048 Horw, by post.