3D scanning makes the difference

With our mobile 3D scanner we generate a precise virtual copy of your feet. The trained from our partner shops will make sure you’ll have the right position and retain the correct muscle tensions while scanning. Once captured we will be able to reproduce your personal fit any time.

Fit, stability and flexibility tuned for your needs

Our unique software will take into account the bespoke shape of your feet from your 3D scan. Based on your choice of the sports, your body weight and feet length the software will calculate the matching design for your sport and build in the individual hardness, flexibility and stability for you.

3D printing – individual product building

Your personal fit will be built up layer by layer with computed precision.​

Furthermore this additive manufacturing process allows us to vary the internal structure of the printed material to adjust hardness, flexibility and stability following the individual pre-set needs of every customers. We are working in partnership with the leader of the printer company and the latest technology :
HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200

Hand made finishing in Switzerland ​

Your tailored-fits insoles will be fully Swiss made product in Givisiez. Hand made finishing with our professional collaborator. For a super precise product.​ From depowdering to the print.

FIND A REtailer

Take an appointment with your preferred specialist. Our partners are formed to our technology. They will scan your feet and we will produce your own custom insole.



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