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Asking Roger Erni, Managing Director of ICT Berufsbildung Zentralschweiz:

Mr. Erni, how did you find out about tailored fits? “On the occasion of the LUGA 2018 trade fair, we were made aware of this product through a guided tour by exhibition manager Markus Hirt”

Your experience with 3D scanning? “Absolutely good and ingenious principle – after the meeting we immediately bought the scan attachment on the iPad”

What is the feedback of your employees on the custom-made insoles? “Just happy.  Great fit. Merci TAILORED FITS for the innovative product, anytime again.”

Why is your company investing in customized insoles for employees? We have already completed half a dozen “small” to larger projects (standing desks for all, kybun floor mats, disposable toothbrushes for lunchtime cleaning, a hiking day at company costs …) healthy employee = happy  employee = efficient employee = motivated employee!”