Custom Fit Insole

engineered for craftsmen

3D printed insoles for work and safety shoes

The 3D printed insole for your work shoes: fit in the after hours!

The neutral, natural footbed of your feet gives you more support, reduces the fatigue of your foot muscles, prevents pressure points cramps, burning feet and blisters.

3D Scanning

Your sporting goods retailer takes a precise 3D scan of your feet. We will 3D print the insole with your perfect personal fit. Once scanned feel free to reorder online more insoles. Tuned for your preferred sports.

Fit thanks to 3D precision

The top of the insole is an exact copy of the anatomy of your foot. You are perfectly bedded in your working shoe. The hardness of the insoles is calculated individually based on your body weight. The 3D printed inner structure of the insoles is adjusted accordingly. The insoles with your personal shape guide and stabilize your foot, dampen and support your movement.

Smart insole engineering

For your comfort we add a high end damping layer and a sweat absorbing comfy top layer. High quality materials well proved for orthopedic insoles and elite sports. The 3D printed smart construction makes your tailor-made insole super light weight (ca. 50gr/US size 9).

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