Merchant Tutorial

Fast. Easy. Tailor-made.

And that’s how it works

Step 1

To support you on the point of sales we’ll provide a display carrying a demo insole, a fitting 3D printed foot dummy and an iPad with a 3D scanner and the according software.

First you’ll need to collect your customer’s data using our iPad Scan App. You need to collect the customer’s address and biometric details, we later on need for processing the order and for production purposes. All data is stored on a private secure server in Switzerland.

Step 2

A 3D scan of both plantar surfaces of the feet of our customer needs to be created using the 3D scanner on the iPad. It will take about 5 minutes to capture a feet. Pay attention to the correct foot position!

Note: you and your staff will get a personal 3D scan training from us. Do not worry scanning is as easy as recording a movie and it is touch less.

Step 3

After the scan process is completed, ask your customer for payment in your shop where he can pay using his preferred payment method. Later you will receive an email for order confirmation and the request to pay the individual product of your customer via your account. You need to understand, that we can start the production of individual tailor-made products only after the payment is received.

Step 4

You’ll have to choose whether we shall deliver via your shop or ship directly to the consumer. Both options are available, but recommend shipping to your shop and handover the product to your customer. Using this option, the perfect fit to the customers boots can be ensured.

Step 5

We will inform you and your customer via email when the product is finished and when it will be shipped.

Note: Log in your private account at You will see anytime the status of production and shipment. The same counts for your customer.