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3D printed liners, Heierling ski boot & bag

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3D printed liners: The ultimate tailor-made liner for the Heierling H1 ski boot
Combo with 3D printed personal fitting liners from TAILORED FITS, Heierling H1 ski boot shell including a heatable  boot bag from Heierling and Heierling ski socks.

3D Scan

The traditional Swiss ski boot brand HEIERLING and are coming together!
We will produce your personalized ski boot liner using the latest technology: Using the most modern mobile 3D scanning technology we will precisely measure your legs and feet in all three dimensions.

Custom fit

Using modern 3D printing technology, we will produce your individual fit. Precise, comfy and performing at the highest level. For your legs only! The tailor-made liners will be seamless produced out of thermoplastic polyurethans in one single process.

Maximum power transmission

Cosy soft where the boots needed to be comfy. For example in the ankle region or on the shin legs. A bit stronger where the forces shall be transferred. Like in the plantar surface or on inner fibula. Fine tuned following your body weight and your skiing skills.
The outcome: A ski boot that always fits your leg. Personal comfort without compromising performance. HEIERLING and True swiss high tech ski boot performance!


The 3D printed liners are finally finished with textile fibers using an innovative electrostatic flock process.

The velour floc supports an easy sliding in and out and provides a comfy feeling to those personal fitting 3D printed liners.

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1990 CHF 1790 EUR
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