Custom Fit Insole

engineered for golfing

The 3D-printed insole for your golf shoes: The custom-made insoles with your personal footprint gives you more stability when strike. The personal anatomy of your footbed supports you while walking.

3D Scanning

Your sporting goods retailer takes a precise 3D scan of your feet. We will 3D print the insole with your perfect personal fit. Once scanned feel free to reorder online more insoles. Tuned for your preferred sports.

More precision in the game

Asymmetrical construction of your left and right soles, depending on your standing position. The lateral reinforcement of the sole of the standing foot during the stroke stabilizes you and gives you more precision. The extreme torsional flexibility of the insole of the turning foot gives you plenty of freedom of movement. The personally precise anatomical bedding supports you while walking.

Smart insole engineering

For your comfort we add a high end damping layer and a sweat absorbing comfy top layer. High quality materials well proved for orthopedic insoles and elite sports. The 3D printed smart construction makes your tailor-made insole super light weight (ca. 50gr/US size 9).

Get your own

personal fit