Why are the TAILORED FITS insoles better than competing products?

Our insoles are 100% tuned for the sports they are made for. The TAILORED FITS insole will embed your feet in a neutral position – always the same way. Thanks to precise 3D scanning technology and an exact digital reproduction through 3D printing we are able to paste a perfect copy of your feet into your insoles.

Where can I buy these tailor-made products?

Please visit one of our well selected and trained retail partners for making a precise scan of your feet. Of course you can reorder more insoles through your retailer or buy them here online.

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Where can i get my feet scanned?

At our specialty sports retail partners. Our partners do have well trained and qualified staff to scan your feet precisely and in a correct position.

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How long does it take to 3D scan my feet?

The touchless 3D scanning of your feet will take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Does the scanning have any impact on my health?

Our scanning technology is absolutely safe. The mounted scanner on the iPad works with structured infrared light and regular video cams.

Is the fit guaranteed?

Yes, the fit of your insoles will follow exactly the shape of your feet at the time they were scanned. Pay attention that accidents with bone fractures, diseases, big variances in your body weight can have an influence on your foot shape. In that case you’ll need to do a fresh scan before ordering new insoles. Kids still in growth, shall repeat the scanning annually or after a bigger growth thrust.

I love my insoles. Do I have to go through the scanning process again to reorder another pair for that same or another sport?

No, you can reorder anytime new TAILORED FITS insoles for the sports you desire. Your digital footprint is reproducible at anytime.

Can I reorder a single left or right insole?


When do I need a insole?

Each single foot has an individual shape. The TAILORED FITS insole will embed you perfectly into your sports shoe. More comfort and much better function thanks to a precise fit will support you doing your favourite sports.

Can I use my tailor-made insoles for other sports or every day use?

Our insoles are fine tuned to the functions needed for the various sports. Design, flexibility, torsional stability and pressure distribution will vary to provide max support for the different sports we are building the TAILORED FITS insoles.

How long will it take to get my insoles?

Usually you’ll get our tailor-made products within 10 working days.

Can i wash the insoles?

The insoles can be cleaned by hand with cold water and mild soap. Do not put them into the washing machine or the dryer. The high temperature inside those machines will harm the material properties.

What are the TAILORED FITS insoles made of?

The individual shaped 3D printed parts are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. The damping mid layer is done of an ethylene vinyl acetate foam and the sweat absorbing, fast drying top layer is made of a polyester fiber especially developed for sports.

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