Custom Fit Insole

engineered for biking

3D printed sole for biking

Your unique 3D printed insole for biking: Tailor-made for your feet only!
The light weight insole with your personal foot print will help you to bring your full power on the pedals. The personal fit will boost your performance. The precise fit of your feet in your bike shoes provides better control in difficult descents and increases your up hill performance thanks to more efficient power transmission.

3D Scanning

Your sporting goods retailer takes a precise 3D scan of your feet. We will 3D print the insole with your perfect personal fit. Once scanned feel free to reorder online more insoles. Tuned for your preferred sports.

Precise digital orthopedic engineering for bikers

The top of your customized insole will be a perfect copy of your plantar surface. Once locked in your bike shoes your foot will be positioned always the same perfect way. Your power will be transmitted to the pedals in a very efficient way. The support function in your plantar arch will be calculated based on the personal shape of your arch and your body weight adapting the inner structure of the 3D printed part accordingly.

Smart insole engineering

For your comfort we add a high end damping layer and a sweat absorbing comfy top layer. High quality materials well proved for orthopedic insoles and elite sports. The 3D printed smart construction makes your tailor-made insole super light weight (ca. 50gr/US size 9).

Get your own

personal fit