Every human being is unique. You deserve a bespoke product.

Only made for you.

TAILORED FITS is a start up based in Switzerland. We offer anatomically fitting solutions for your individual footwear, sports gear and protection gear. We are using 3D scanning technologies to capture individual body data and future driven additive manufacturing processes (3D printing) to reproduce those complex shapes into personalized products.

In order to offer the sportsmen tailored footwear, protection gear and sports gear we are creating an industrial solution for mass customization. Therefore we are integrating 3D body data capturing, sales and customer relationship processes, automated product design, additive manufacturing and logistics into an unique digital supply chain.

We are closely collaborating with leading specialists in the field of medical 3D body data capturing, additive manufacturing, medical and orthopedic specialists, software developers, 3D designers and experienced developers for digital commerce solutions.

Our anatomical fits are supporting your natural biomechanics while doing your preferred sports, prevent pressure points and pain, lower signs of fatique and wear and tear of joints.

TAILORED FITS AG was founded in summer 2016. Our starting line up consists out of Reto Rindlisbacher, CEO, Benjamin Schmitt, CIO & Product Manager, Antonia Theiler, Finance and Administration.